Titles for the Conference

  1. Deep learning techniques for Bio Instrumentation
  2. Microwave and Optical Communication
  3. Image Processing and Signal Processing
  4. Embedded Systems and its Applications
  5. Wireless / Mobile Communications
  6. Satellite Communication
  7. RF and Antenna design
  8. Digital and Analog VLSI
  9. Nanotechnology and its applications
  10. MEMS and Cognitive Electronics
  11. Neural Networks & Artificial Intelligence
  12. Medical Electronics
  13. Robotics
  14. Wind , Solar and Hybrid energy conversion systems
  15. Soft Switching , Multilevel and Matrix Converters
  16. Smart Grid Technologies
  17. FACTS & HVDC
  18. Power quality issues and solutions
  19. Power converter and modeling
  20. Power System restructuring, Distributed and cogeneration systems
  21. Control of special electrical machines
  22. Virtual Measurement Systems and Soft Sensors for Automation Process
  23. Advanced Waste Water Treatment Methods and Control
  24. Nano Electronics and Information Technology
  25. Advanced and Distributed Control System Techniques for Process Monitoring
  26. Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Sensor Networks in Industrial Automation